Windows XP 64bit computers can't join domain

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Windows XP 64bit computers can't join domain

        We are having an issue where Windows XP 64bit computers can't join a  
domain, while the Windows XP 32 bit clients can join the domain.

        We are running Mac OS 10.4.11 Server running Open Directory, we have  
that server running Windows Services and hosting a Windows domain. We  
have a Windows 2003 Server set-up to act as a profile server for the  
Windows domain. Everything works for the clients running Windows XP  
32bit, they can join the domain, when they log in everything  
functions . But when the Windows XP 64bit clients can't join the  
domain, they get an error that the domain can't be found.
        Anyone on the list run into this situation? Any ideas or suggestions?  
I am collaborating with our Windows guru on this project and it seems  
to have us both stumped as to why the Windows XP 32 bit machines are  
fine with the set-up of the domain but the Windows XP 64 bit machines  
act as if it doesn't exist.

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