Slow Wiki Service on a Snow Leopard Server

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Slow Wiki Service on a Snow Leopard Server

Reaz Shaheed

We have been using WIKI Service on an xServe running Snow Leopard 10.6.8
very successfully over thats two years.

Lately have run into an issue where the Groups page is taking a long time
to load even when we attempt to access the site from within the host. The
default homepage of the server loads fine and the SNMP connectivity to the
hardware is fine as well.

Following a recommendation found from a Google search, replaced the
following files with a backup set:

/Library/Application Support/Apple/WikiServer/directoryIndex.db
/Library/Application Support/Apple/WikiServer/session.db

Note - the globalIndex.db file was about 1.5 GB.

However the Groups page is still taking a long time to load (over 5
minutes)and so is the individual wiki sites created by the users. Sometimes
the page simply stops loading displaying a "Bad Gateway" error.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated as always.

Will summarize.

Best regards,

Reaz Shaheed
Director Technology Services
American International School Dhaka
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