Sending a message to a user connected by AFP

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Sending a message to a user connected by AFP

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Does anyone know how to send a message to a user connected to a 10.9 afp server?

Apple took away this feature in the Server app beginning with 10.9. Use to have a Send Message and Disconnect button. Why they removed that I have no idea!

Trying to do this in terminal but I’m not sure how….

Think something like this but not working.

$ sudo serveradmin command
afp:command = sendMessage
afp:message = server going down in 5 minutes                                                                          
afp:usersArray:_array_index:3:sessionID = 20094
(Then I do Control d and get this error)
Invalid index "3", must specifiy array elements in order
for key: "afp:usersArray:_array_index:3:sessionID"
interactive:~ localadmin$

Would like to send a message to all connected users vs a specific sesssionID if anyone knows how as well as sending a disconnecting alert in x minutes.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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