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Pat Plummer
Hey, Dan:

Even though you use gmail as your email provider, have you configured the mail service in Mavericks server anyway? That way, Mavericks server has its own postfix MTA to use for the sending of the email to your gmail acct. And if so, does your school network's edgeware allow for outgoing SMTP connections?

Just some random thoughts.


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> Am Jan 28, 2014 um 13:00 schrieb Dan Gustavson:
> I just wiped and rebuilt our Mac mini server running Mavericks.  I would
> like to receive an email when the server generates an alert, but I am not
> sure how to proceed.
> The easy part is adding my email address to the ALERTS section of the
> server app, unfortunately when I generate a TEST alert, I do not receive an
> email.
> My guess is that somewhere there is a configuration file that needs to be
> configured.  I work for a school district and we use gmail as our email
> provider.  Any tips?
> --Dan

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