Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Server client filesharing freezes Finder

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Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Server client filesharing freezes Finder

Joseph Gabrielli
I have a situation where I see frequent disconnects of 10.8.5 clients (varying models, all relatively new machines) , Finder and Pages freezes when dealing with files on the server. The issue now primary plagues two iMacs that work with 150MB files.  Smaller files seem to work better, but even they can cause freezes sometimes, all machine still experience similar issues of varying degrees with the server. 2 months ago, we had few if any problems.  I suspect the issue may have started with a bad switch. While there were no apparent signs of switch failure server connectivity became less stable. The first thing I did was to upgrade all of the machines from various 10.8 version to 10.8.5. Then we reformatted the problem machines including the server. The finally got a switch replacement. I've listed all of the attempted remedies down below.  I'm a bit stumped, it really feels like I've either got bad hardware on the server, or a bug I've happened upon in this version of the server OS.

server: MacPro 12 core, 12GB RAM, 1 boot drive, 1 boot drive clone, 2 drives striped into a level 0 RAID with Softraid (problems predate softraid, I striped them on reformat) 10.8.5, running Crashplan (only third party software)

clients: variety of iMacs and mini's all thunderbolt capable, all equipped with a minimum of 8GB RAM, 10.8.5

The problem exhibits itself throughout the day. Recently with the two iMac clients they have noticed that when they come in at 5:30am, their Finders and Pages will lock up, and in every case for the past 4 days, have required forced power downs. After the forced power down, they can usually connect. In the case of one iMac he shuts down his computer at 4pm when he leaves each day, and boots it back up when he arrives in the morning.

We have, in an attempt to address the issue:
Re-ran new Cat6 cables to all machines
Reformatted and reinstalled  10.8.5 any machines that had more than 2 force power downs required
Reinstalled, then later Reformatted and installed 10.8.5 on our MacPro server
(In all reinstalls I used the combo 10.8.5 update rather than software update)

Replaced gigabit switch with brand new Meraki MS42p
Attempted to aggregate both ports on MacPro
QoS on all port 548 traffic to highest priority
Removed DropBox from all workstations
Tried importing archived OD, then tore that down and just imported accounts file from WGM.
Verified permissions on all shares
I've gone over all of the AFP error and activity logs, system log, diagnostic and crash logs, the clients get caught in reconnection loops (spinning wheel) in their logs, but in most cases a forced power off is required to recover the connection.

I have read a couple of postings on the net about problems with client Finder freezes and 10.8.5 server. These posts recommend upgrading to 10.9 to solve the issue. This is a brand new server install at this point, no more than 1.5 weeks old. The server has had no hard crashes, though the Bonded interface went south, and I ended up going to a single ethernet interface for now.

My question is, has anyone else had these problems?
Are there other connectivity logs I can be looking at, server or client?
10.9 is a bit too new for me to be comfortable installing it in a production environment, but then again, production is already adversely effected by the present state of affairs. Any thoughts on installing 10.9?

At this point I'm trying to rule out infrastructure and software, if it is server hardware it won't likely show up on basic or any diagnostics. Which means a trip to Apple will likely result in a reformat and a fond farewell.

Any advice would be appreciated
Joe Gabrielli

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Re: Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Server client filesharing freezes Finder

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Hello Joseph,

I am experiencing the same issue with OSX Server with 10.8.5, and clients running 10.8.2 - 10.8.4.  I was curious to know if you found a solution.

Thank you for your time.