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Hello all:

        I had asked earlier about good places to post tech positions, and someone
suggested this list itself. So, for those of you NOT looking for a new
position, please forgive me...



Technology Position Available, 1/29/14
St. Andrews School

Title: Technology Program Coordinator
FLSA Classification: Nonexempt
Reports to: Director of Information Services
Purpose: To provide repair, support, and configuration services for
school and student computers on campus
Hours: 40 hours per week with a few exceptions

Essential Functions:

  • Primary: maintain, troubleshoot, and coordinate repairs all school
    computers. Work with outside repair vendor if necessary. This work
    includes warranty and non-warranty work on Apple computers (Apple
    repair certification will be necessary. Will provide training and
    necessary support).
  • Provide warranty and non-warranty computer repairs to faculty- and
    student-owned machines on site.
  • Set up and install computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and
    peripherals; relocate existing equipment as necessary to support
    faculty and administration.
  • Oversee administration software management for school-owned
    machines, performs systems analysis on administration software.
  • Provide software support and development projects with faculty and
    staff as directed.
  • Troubleshoot and repair printers, peripherals, cabling and other
    related devices as necessary.
  • Maintain equipment, peripheral and software inventory lists.
  • Perform other technology-related tasks as designated by the Director
    of Information Services.


Ability to communicate effectively with constituents from the entire
   school community.
Ability to troubleshoot and define problems and recommend or implement
   appropriate solutions.  Must have a sense of urgency and customer
   service orientation.
 • Apple Repair Certification (ACTC) a plus. If not, willingness to get
   certified required.
 • Windows XP/7/8  and/or Active Directory management experience
   strongly beneficial.
 • FileMaker Pro database and server experience strongly beneficial.
 • Demonstrated knowledge in hardware and software specific to the
 • High school diploma and trade school degree, or appropriate
 • Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar position or equivalent
   training and experience.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment:
Frequently lift up to 20 lb. of computer equipment.
 • Crawl under or around furniture to install computer equipment.
 • Climb ladders and reach to install computer wiring and perform other
 • Works in standard office conditions and climate.

Please direct all inquiries to:

Peter Hoopes
Director of Information Services
St. Andrew's School
[hidden email]

Do not post admin requests to the list. They will be ignored.
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