Cyrus seems to want a weird directory to exist

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Cyrus seems to want a weird directory to exist

Carl Hoefs
I noticed the following odd directory on our OSXS (10.4.11) mail server:

# ls -l /var/spool/imap/
drwx------   5 cyrusima  mail  170 Nov  4 14:38 ^_-Harlon_Dong
drwxr-xr-x   4 cyrusima  mail  136 Mar  3 20:10 stage.
drwxrwxrwx   7 cyrusima  mail  238 Jun  7  2006 user

Looking inside the "^_-Harlon_Dong" folder:

# ls -l "/var/spool/imap/^_-Harlon_Dong"
-rw-------   1 cyrusima  mail    4 Nov  4 14:38 cyrus.cache
-rw-------   1 cyrusima  mail  160 Nov  4 14:38 cyrus.header
-rw-------   1 cyrusima  mail   76 Nov  4 14:38 cyrus.index

Googling on "Harlon Dong" comes up with nothing (apparently its not  
part of cyrus). So, thinking it must be some sort of hacker attempt,  
I deleted it.

But now in the /var/log/mailaccess.log file I am getting 100s of  
these messages:

[Message IOERROR: opening /var/spool/imap/^_-Harlon_Dong/
cyrus.header: No such file or directory] [Level 3] [UID -2] [GID -2]

What is wanting this folder to exist? Cyrus? There has never been any  
such person here, and no such mail/user account has ever existed.  
Besides, user mail folders should all be under the "user" folder, not  
at this level. Is it safe to ignore? Or should I restore the folder  
and let it be?


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